About the Forum

Our Aims

The Primary Care Women’s Health Forum aims to.....

  • 1. Have a wide range of membership from multiple disciplines in order to promote and progress standards in women’s health across the spectrum
  • 2. Be extensively recognised and respected as a credible body to be consulted with in regards to women’s health issues, as well as being a focus for female patients as a source of information.

Our Objectives

For its members the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum will provide.....

  • 1. A focus for all interested practitioners within the multi-disciplinary team on women’s health issues.
  • 2. Continuous sharing of best practice in relation to national, regional and local developments in women’s health issues.
  • 3. An opportunity for peer support and exchange of views through:
    a. its website, www.pcwhf.co.uk
    b. national, regional and local educational events
  • 4. An opportunity to support and develop evidence based practice through:
    a. pathway development
    b. clinical guideline develop
    c. continuous quality improvement including research, clinical audit and governance, PDSA cycles etc
  • 5. An opportunity for reflection and professional development through:
    a. benchmarking
    b. case reviews
    c. critical incident (de)briefings
    d. accreditation and appraisal
    e. knowledge management through the use of information and resources

For patients the PCWHF will specifically ensure.....

  • 1. Women are able to make informed choices about where they access care for women’s health issues.
  • 2. Women are informed about the full range of management options and clinical interventions available to them.
  • 3. The views of women are sought and listened to, to ensure they influence future models of care.

For strategic and policy development the PCWHF will specifically.....

  • 1. Promote the highest standards of provision of appropriate women’s health care in primary care settings whilst continuously striving for improved quality and performance.
  • 2. Act as a lobby group for its members in influencing the Department of Health and others in determining future strategic direction and policy making in relation to women’s health.
  • 3. Act as advisors to Commissioners and Practice-Based Commissioners on the suitability of commissioning models of care for women’s health issues.
  • 4. Act as clinical and managerial cohort of expertise which can be called upon for advice across the spectrum of women’s health.