This site is intended for UK Healthcare professionals only

This site is intended for UK healthcare professionals only



At the PCWHF, we believe that excellent women’s healthcare is essential.

The Primary Care Women’s Health Forum’s eLearning courses support clinicians with their learning, training, CPD and reflection.
Our comprehensive, clinically based eLearning is developed by women’s health experts for primary care clinicians.
Understanding contraception and how it can help women to be in control of their reproductive choices lies at the heart of this training. Gain a clear understanding of contraception in relation to the desogestrel POP and be able to recognise which questions are relevant to ask the patient. Created by GPs, this course is for all practitioners working in health who aspire to give contraceptive advice and services.



Menopause care lies at the heart of women’s health. As practicing GPs, we know that everyone in the team has a vital role to play in supporting women through menopause. Our Menopause Foundation Course is for the whole clinical team. If your non-clinical colleagues want more information, please visit Rock My Menopause.


Our Heavy Menstrual Bleeding eLearning is FREE for all clinicians.
It provides education and awareness for any members of the multi-disciplinary team who interact with those experiencing HMB.


The PCWHF’s Menopause and Contraception eLearning courses are FREE for members. The Heavy Menstrual Bleeding eLearning is FREE for all clinicians.

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