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7 Jun, 2023

New world-first endometriosis research

Researchers at the Royal Hospital for Women have made a major breakthrough in the future diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. 

In a world first, the team has successfully grown tissue from all known types of endometriosis in a laboratory, allowing researchers to observe cell changes and compare how different tissue responds to different treatments.

The results will indicate how to effectively treat each variation of endometriosis.

The Royal Hospital for Women’s Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Jason Abbott has compared it to developments in the treatment of breast cancer.

“Thirty years ago, we treated all breast cancers the same. We now know there are many different types of breast cancer and treat them accordingly,” said Professor Abbott.

“This is a similar breakthrough and will allow more targeted and therefore more effective treatment, depending on the type of endometriosis a patient has.”

The development will also help determine whether a woman with endometriosis is likely to need fertility treatment in the future.

“By knowing the type of endometriosis, we will be able to predict whether a patient is likely to experience an aggressive, invasive form of the disease and offer treatment to preserve her fertility,” he said.

About Royal Hospital For Women 

The Royal provides extraordinary healthcare for women through all of life’s stages: from fertility and genetics, to gynaecology, maternity, gynae-oncology, high risk pregnancy, perinatal mental health and neonatal intensive care. It relies on community and philanthropic support to make a massive difference in people’s lives. Donations can be made through The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation.


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