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Therapy Area: Gynaecology

10 Top Tips for diagnosis and management of PMS

Around 24% of women of reproductive age suffer with significant cyclical physical and psychological symptoms (1). In 5-8% these symptoms are severe and have a grave impact on the woman’s day to day functioning (2). Relationships at home and work are disrupted and some women become suicidal.

1. Sadler et al. J Womens Health 2010; 19 (3): 1-6
2. Chung et al. J Menopausal Med. 2014

There is a lot we can do in primary care to support these women and their carers – During the evening before the PCWHF conference in November this year a group of doctors and nurses with a special interest in women’s health discussed and came to a consensus on Ten Top Tips for PMS. This was led Professor Shaughn O’Brien who is an internationally renowned expert on Premenstrual Disorders.

PCWHF’s 10 Top Tips for diagnosis and management of PMS in primary care. Use this slide to share with your team.

Please note, this resource is currently under review by our PCWHF board and is subject to updates.

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