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Better for Women report by RCOG

At the end of 2019 the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists published the report Better for Women.

The executive summary and recommendations go on to recommend a life-course perspective which offers potential for early intervention with the aim of reducing the risk of certain conditions from developing. This includes, amongst others:

  • cervical and breast screening
  • improving reproductive health outcomes by appropriate access to LARC and preconceptual advice
  • monitoring annual HbA1C levels in women with gestational diabetes
  • earlier management of menstrual problems and menopausal concerns
  • providing advice and support for weight management.

In the report, Dame Lesley Regan, immediate RCOG past-president, writes: ‘To provide advice and care for girls and women across their life-course helps them to remain healthy and not just intervene when they experience problems.’  There is a requirement for better access to standardised consistent information to allow women to make the decisions around their own health and wellbeing.  There is also a requirement to design healthcare services around the needs of women.  ‘When we get it right for girls and women, everyone benefits,’ Prof Regan adds.

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Source: RCOG

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