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This site is intended for UK healthcare professionals only


Resource Type: Clinical Guidelines
Therapy Area: Menopause

Conservative Management of Prolapse – competency framework for primary care

This Primary Care Women’s Health Forum competency framework for conservative management of prolapse recognises that some clinicians will both fit and check pessaries while others will provide follow up care.

The principles involved apply to both levels of care and only the practical competencies will differ.

This guideline was correct at the time of going to print and the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF) will undertake annual reviews of this guidance to ensure in it remains in line with best practice: The next review is due in April 2019. The guidelines are for use by healthcare professionals only. The guidance has been compiled by the PCWHF and views expressed are of the PCWHF and do not necessarily represent those of individuals or partners. The pathway was adapted with permission from one developed by the Clinical Improvement Group for Gynaecology, Southern Derbyshire CCG. This guideline has had no pharmaceutical sponsorship. Some PCWHF authors have received payment for teaching on the subject. This may be reproduced by HCPs for educational purposes. It cannot be reproduced by anyone else without explicit permission. For further information, please contact:

Please note, this resource is currently under review by our PCWHF board and is subject to updates.

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